Greensky Approval Process Training - Merchant Number for applications: 81021846

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Download the Road Map

Updated on January 27, 2017

Loan - Kayak

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Utility Tool

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Download the Solar Pitch book for CA

Updated on January 15, 2017
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Solar Packages

Inverter Options:   |   AP System YC500   |   Blue Frog   |   Enphase M215   |   SE Single Phase   |   SMA Sunny Boy

Post-Sale : Solar Deal Flow

A quick reference guide to track the post-sale deal flow sized for your phone.

Quick Guide

Post-Sale : Scoop Instructions

NEED LINK NEED LINK.... Scoop app instructions place holder text.

Scoop Instructions

Post-Sale : Solar Timeline

.PDF for your customers to track where they are on their journey to solar.

Solar Timeline

Dealer Solar Pay Schedule

Sales Paperwork

Net Metering Forms